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  1. Información Biaaaorcs.com…Vtlora en Bitacoras.com: En principio, la propia naturaleza de una empresa, implica su continuidad en el tiempo y en consecuencia el no poner límite ni horizonte a su existencia. En los últimos tiempos hemos asistido a proyectos o aventuras empresari…

  2. My mind is, admittedly, mush to the “the [insert nationality here]…” borderline racism. I used to be rather sensitive to it, but somewhere between my first and second year here, and getting married to a Chinese woman… it’s all gone to hell.

  3. Ricardo Silva / Pode ser dificil para você acreditar, mas a mulher que aparece na primeira foto é realmente Susan Finkelstein (a pessoa citada). Ela ganhou fama e tirou esta foto para uma revista… Parece até brincadeira, mas se você pesquisar no Google você vai confirmar o que estou dizendo.Gostei deste comentário ou não: 2

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  5. I believe in the death penalty. No man or woman should have the right to decide when any human being should live or die or have the right to take another human beings life. Let me make myself clear, I'm against murder period and I'd rather sit this one out because I'm speechless. In other words, I don't know what to say.Mr R:Glen Beck ads needed to pulled the air and he needs to be taken of the air period!

  6. Hi Lee – great post .. covering lots of interesting subjects – thanks for the Smashwords link – congratulations to the winners … and good luck to you and the promotional run up to Christmas .. Thursdays posts look they'll be a popular theme too .. cheers Hilary

  7. سلام من بازی رو همه کاراش رو کردم ولی وقتی میخوام وارد یه سرور شم به سرور کانکت نمیشه یعنی اون صفحه کانکتینگ میاد ولی نمیره تو بازی بعد از یه مدت هم مینویسه سرور کانکتینگ تایمد اوت

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